Amanda Raczkowski

School of Nursing Student Affairs & Alumni Relations |

To me the interface of the program is so much better than PRISM to be able to do reimbursements for students and staff. It is just pleasant to view and works smoothly. As with any new program there are things that you learn from doing – like knowing that when you create an expense report and there is per diem you must select it at the very beginning because if you don’t you will need to start from scratch or that someone who is not in the system (like a guest or even a new student) will need to have a line item as a New Vendor with their W9 or W8. I have booked international travel for guest speakers using the system and using an agent. I have not once felt like I was on my own to figure out issues – there is always support and I greatly appreciate that. The only thing I wish was different was the submit/approve. When I am working as a delegate for someone I wish I could just submit the report and then they have to approve because I worry about the time that I have someone who just does not submit. Other than that, I truly enjoy using Concur.