Concur Apps

You will need to set a Mobile PIN by logging into the Concur Application. Mobile Registration can be found under Profile > Profile Settings. Additional instruction can be found in the User Guide.

Download the following free apps (from your device’s apps store): Concur and TripIt. These apps will save you time in the following ways:

Concur AppConcur® for Mobile makes it simple to start your expense report before you end your trip. This app complements our web based solution by allowing you to manage anything expense-related wherever you are. The ExpenseIt camera icon allows you to take pictures of receipts, including multi-page receipts, and use the emebedded functionality to reduce data entry for expense reconciliation. You should always keep the paper receipts until the Expense Report hits the department's level reports. The mobile app also allows you to immediately approve or reject expense reports via manager access and capture receipt images.


TripIt Pro saves you time by creating a master itinerary for your trip that you can access anytime.  TripIt will keep your itinerary, reservations, meetings, and other trip information all in one place, and it makes sharing with others easy.  TripIt will also send you travel alerts (e.g. boarding gate information and flight delays or cancellations).


Most all business expenses need substantiated with receipts.  Hotels, Airfare, Conference Registration and Car Rental all require receipts regardless of dollar amount and substitute receipts cannot be provided for these types as copies can be retrieved from the vendor.  Receipts for Booking Fees, Fuel for Rental Cars, Parking, Taxi/Car Service and Tolls under $75 are not required.  Per Diem Meals and Mileage do not require receipts.

The mobile applications provide fast and easy ways to capture receipt images.  Receipt images are acceptable when they are the detailed receipt and legible.  The original receipt needs to be retained until the expense is cleared on the department level reports.
Receipts FAQs

Per Diem

The University policy supports Per Diems for meals in travel.  The travel should be more than an eight-hour span to be eligible for per diem.  Some departments may apply a stricter policy for actual meal receipts in travel, please check with your supervisor or business manager for any department specific per diem policies.  However, the University will not reimburse above the per diem rate.  If you are following per diem, visit for per diem information.  These rates are also loaded in the Concur application and can be imported from your itinerary.

Airport Parking

Avoid hassles, time, and money on parking. If your departure is from the Pittsburgh Airport (PIT), the University has an agreement with the Parking Spot:

(412) 262-8188

located at:

 701 Flaugherty Run Road, Coraopolis PA, 15108.

The University of Pittsburgh and the Parking Spot discount airport parking program includes a special University rate of $7.16 per day (compared to the regular daily rate $8.95). Rates do not include sales tax or airport use recovery fee. Special rates are per each 24-hour period as discounted from posted front-line rates. Other advantages of this program include:

  • 20% University of Pittsburgh Faculty & Staff discount at Pittsburgh International Airport
  • 10% discount at all other Parking Spot locations with Exec card
  • Open 24/7, Well-lit and fully fenced
  • Covered self-parking in Pittsburgh
  • Friendly shuttle service to and from airport
  • Pick up and drop off at your vehicle
  • New shuttle app to track shuttles through airport

  • Complimentary luggage assistance
  • Emergency battery and tire assistance
  • Complimentary locksmith and towing within 25 miles
  • Free USA Today at check-in M-F while supplies last
  • Earn free parking (Spot Club Exec card program)
  • Free online reservations available
  • Discount for business or personal travel

University Travel Card

Be sure to activate your University Travel Card if you haven’t done so, and place it in your wallet so you have it for your trip. This card has the new chip and pin technology. Know your 4 digit pin number as it is sometimes required to complete your purchase at the point of sale. Now you are ready to go.

Benefits of obtaining a University-paid Travel Card: The new University-paid Travel Card is available to all faculty and staff who travel or who book travel on behalf of others. If you have a Travel Card, there is no need to prepay for travel expenses with your own funds. If you have departmental approval to obtain a Travel Card but have not yet submitted a Travel Card application, please contact your responsibility center’s business manager for a link to the application.

University Travel Card FAQs