Booking a Trip

Here are some tips that will make your travel experience as efficient and convenient as possible.

Travel Documents

Review your travel documents to ensure that the name in your Concur profile and your airline ticket matches your government issued identification.

If travelling internationally, review the passport requirements for the country you are visiting and confirm that your documents are up to date.

University Travel Card

Do you have a University Travel Card? If not, contact your Responsibility Center Business Manager. The University Travel Card comes with many benefits and conveniences.  The Travel Card

  • is paid by the University, which reduces your financial burden – less hassle for you;
  • minimizes the need for costly individual travel advances;
  • reduces data entry;
  • does not affect your credit report;
  • provides fraud protection;
  • provides travel accident and baggage delay insurance; and
  • provides car rental insurance.

Note: It is best practice to travel with backup forms of payment. If your Travel Card gets lost, stolen, or compromised, you should have another form of payment to use for purchases. Keep your backup cards secure in the hotel safe so they will be there if you should need them.

University Travel Card FAQs

Travel Advances

The University Travel Card is the preferred payment method while traveling for the University because they provide the most convenient and safest way to pay for travel expenses. However, travel advances are available by exception when the traveler is in an area of the world where the Travel Card is not accepted or for extended global travel. Travel Advances are subject to University Policy 05-07-03, Travel Advances. Your options for cash payment while traveling are as follows:

Travel Cards can be opened for ATM withdrawals by submitting a change request.

Requirements: You must submit a change request form and be travelling to an area with ATM availability.

Instructions: Complete and submit a Travel Card Change Request Form to request the ability to make ATM withdrawals. Write "ATM Withdrawals" on the line for part 5, "Other Change."

Processing Time: Allow three to four business days to process the change request.

Withdrawal Fees: ATM withdrawals are subject to 2% transaction fees; a foreign transaction fee of 2%, if applicable, will also be applied. Both types of fees are expensable.

If you think that you will need to replenish cash in-travel and the area you are going to does not have Citizen's-partnered banks but does have a bank that partners with your personal bank, then you may request a transfer of departmental funds into your personal bank account so you may withdraw cash as needed. Allow three to four days to process the transfer; withdrawal fees apply.

Requirements: You must have a bank account with a large global banking network, and your departmental administrator must make the request on your behalf using the Travel Advance Request Form.

Instructions: use the Travel Advance Form (see instructions below) to request the transfer; write "Global Traveler Direct Deposit" on the form's payee signature line; and follow the submission instructions shown on the form.

Processing Time: Allow three to four days to process the transfer.

Withdrawal Fees:  Fees are variable based on the traveler's individual bank.

The Travel Advance form is available through University Business Forms (UBF).

Requirements: the check must be obtained prior to your departure and your departmental administrator must make the request on your behalf using the Travel Advance Request Form.

Instructions: If your department has access to University Business Forms: sign into your page > click "My Resources" at the top of the page > select University Business Forms from the drop-down > select "Forms Library" from the left menu > select "Travel Advance" from the Forms Library then follow the submission instructions on the form. Allow three to four business days to process this request.

If your department does not have access to UBF, you will not see University Business Forms under "My Resourses".  In this case, follow the registration instructions shown on the main UBF page.

Processing Time:  Allow three to four days to process the travel advance. The check must be picked up prior to your departure.

Fees: There are no fees associated with requesting a travel advance.



Booking a Hotel

Book your stay in Concur or through Anthony Travel to take advantage of our discounted rates.

Booking a Car

Book through one of our approved rental agencies in Concur or through Anthony Travel. Our contract rates include discounts and insurance for domestic car rental purchases. Insurance should only be purchased if you are renting a vehicle abroad. Domestic purchases of additional insurance are not valid business purchases and are not reimbursable.

Preparing your Mobile Device

You will need to set a Mobile PIN by logging into the Concur Application. Mobile Registration can be found under Profile > Profile Settings. Additional instruction can be found in the User Guide.

Concur App

Concur® for Mobile makes it simple to start your expense report before you end your trip. This app complements our web based solution by allowing you to manage anything expense-related wherever you are. It also allows you to immediately approve or reject expense reports via manager access and capture receipt images.


ExpenseIt is an enhancement to the features in Concur® for Mobile, and takes it one step further with optical character recognition (OCR) for receipt imaging.  Receipt images taken with this application will be categorized, populated with the receipt information and lessen the data entry for expense reconciliation.  Note - keep paper receipts until the expense submission hits your level reports.


TripIt Pro saves you time by creating a master itinerary for your trip that you can access anytime. TripIt will keep your itinerary, reservations, meetings, and other trip information all in one place, and it makes sharing with others easy.  TripIt will also send you travel alerts (e.g. boarding gate information and flight delays or cancellations).

International Travel

The following resources are available to assist you with international travel:

Anthony Travel provides assistance with booking international travel arrangements and obtaining appropriate documents (e.g. travel visas, etc.) for your international trip.

Changing your Itinerary

To change your itinerary, contact Anthony Travel by phone or email:


(844) 583-5963

 (412) 246-9024