Are receipts required?

Yes, detailed receipt images are required for most expense types with the exception of per diem, mileage, and fixed meal/lodging allowances. Unless the grant or department reimbursing the expense states otherwise, receipts for under $75 are not required for the following fees and costs: booking, fuel for rental cars, parking, taxis, tolls, ATM, professional license, and professional memberships dues.

What if I am missing a receipt?

Detailed receipt images or e-receipts are required for airfare, lodging, car rental, and conference registration. Please contact the supplier for a receipt if the original was lost. For other expense types, a Missing Receipt Affidavit can be attached. Depending on the expense, a supervisory or signature may be required.

How do I attach receipts in Concur?

There are multiple ways to attach receipts in Concur depending on the tool that you are using. Instructions are as follows.

Concur mobile app:
  • Within the app, use the ExpenseIt (camera) icon to take a picture of your receipt. The ExpenseIt smart capture will begin
  • An expense item will be created from the receipt, and the expense and receipt image will display under Available Expenses.
  • More information about the Concur mobile app can be found here.
Scanned images:
  • Scan your receipts and save the file(s) to your computer.
  • Click the line item that requires a receipt, then click Attach Receipt on the right side of the screen.
  • Click Browse to locate the file on your computer, then click Attach and Close.
  • Email: (your email address must be verified in your Concur profile).
  • Email your receipt images as attachments to

From your expense report, click Receipts > View Available Receipts. Drag a receipt to the corresponding line item on your report

What is an e-receipt?

The term e-receipt refers to an electronic receipt. Concur has partnered with several airlines, hotel, and car rental companies to provide receipt data directly to their system eliminating the need for a paper receipt. The e-receipts provide full detail and the data comes directly from the supplier. You can elect to sign up for e-receipts in your profile. View or download a list of Concur e-Receipt Providers.

Will an e-receipt supplier provide an e-receipt for a user in the event of a split folio?

A split folio occurs when a hotel guest pays for his/her stay using more than one form of payment. For example, a guest might pay cash or use a personal credit card for personal charges (minibar, in-room movie, etc.) and pay for business expenses with the Travel Card. Guests will typically not receive an e-receipt for a hotel stay when there is a split folio. This is due to the hotel's privacy concerns on behalf of the guest or the hotel's limitation in providing e-receipts.

How quickly will an e-receipt be available for submission on an expense report?

Concur states that the service level objective is to send e-receipts to the system within 48 hours of a traveler checking out of a hotel, booking a flight, or returning the rental car. E-receipts from international properties may take longer than 48 hours.

How long should I keep my original receipts?

Receipts need to be retained until your expense report is processed and reconciled to the monthly level reports. If travel expenses are being charged to a grant, then follow the guidelines of the grant for record retention.  If traveling on grant funds, consult your grant administrator for clarification.