University Travel Card

How do I apply for a University Travel Card, and who is eligible?

The new Travel Card is available to all faculty and staff who travel, who book travel on behalf of others, and anyone who incurs any of the following expense types: dues, professional memberships, registrations, and subscriptions. If you have departmental approval to obtain a Travel Card but have not yet submitted a Travel Card application, please contact your responsibility center’s business manager for a link to the application.

Are there any limits applied to the Travel Card, and are there options?

Yes, applicants select an option type on the Travel Card application, and the options are as follows: 

Option Types Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
Transaction Limit $2,000 $5,000 $10,000 $20,000
Daily Limit $2,000 $5,000 $10,000 $20,000
Cycle Limit $5,000 $10,000 $30,000 $50,000
  • Option 1: Rare Traveler – Travels 2 or fewer times in a year. Domestic Travel only.
  • Option 2: Infrequent Traveler – Travels 4 or fewer times in a year. Primarily Domestic Travel.
  • Option 3: Frequent Traveler – Travels 10 or fewer times in a year. Domestic and International Travel.
  • Option 4: Heavy Traveler, Department Administrator, Group Travel Arranger: Travels more than 10 times per year. Books travel for others in the department or books group travel. Domestic and International Travel.

Will the Travel Card affect my personal credit?

No, the Travel Card is University billed and University paid. It will not affect your personal credit.

Can I use my Travel Card to book travel for other employees or guests?

Yes; however, you are responsible for reconciling those charges on an expense report. In this case, charges for multiple people can be combined on one expense report.

If I have a nonreimbursable charge on my Travel Card, how do I reimburse the University?

Any Travel Card charges that are nonreimbursable should be marked as Personal, and will automatically be deducted from any cash reimbursements owed to the traveler. If the cash reimbursement is not sufficient to offset the nonreimbursable amount, the traveler should make a check payable to the University of Pittsburgh and send it to the Payment Processing department: 116 Atwood St., Pittsburgh PA 15260.

How do I request ATM withdrawal capability on my Travel Card?

University Travel Cards can be opened for ATM withdrawals by request. To initiate a Travel Card change, please complete a Travel Card change request form.

What do I do with my Travel Card if I am transferring to a different department at the University?

You should keep the Travel Card as it will go with you to your new department, unlike the P-Card. As your Human Resources employee record is updated, your default account number and default approver will be updated in the Concur system. Please wait 7-10 business days before submitting an expense report to be reconciled to ensure that your employee record has been changed.

You can verify the changes have been made in your Concur profile for the default account by viewing Expense Settings and verify your default approver by checking the Company Information in your Profile Settings. For more information about user profile settings, please review the Quick Start Guides.

Your new administrator must complete a Travel Card Change Request form to change your university address in the Citizens Bank system. Once submitted, this form will go directly to the Travel Card administrator who will make the change.

For any other questions or if your profile has not updated after 7-10 days, please submit a PantherExpress Travel and Expense Management Inquiry.

Can I increase my Travel Card limit for just the period that I’m traveling?

Yes. To initiate a Travel Card change, please complete a Travel Card change request form.

If I need to reach Citizens bank to discuss my card, what information will they need from me?

Please call Citizens Bank’s customer service department at 888-356-8378.

You will be asked to identify yourself through a verification process. The information you may be asked for includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Security code (in lieu of your mother’s maiden name): Use PITT + the last 4 digits of your social security number
  • Address that appears on your Citizens profile including correct zip code
    • Hint: this address appears on your new card's documentation. It may differ from what you put on your application.
    • If you don't have a bank statement and are unsure of your address or zip code, please refer to the building list maintained by Financial Records Services
  • Credit limit

Will I receive a credit card statement each month?

Yes, statements are printed and mailed monthly to cardholders. If the card has no transactions during the month, a statement will not be produced.

What if my Travel Card is declined?

Please call PantherExpress Customer Service at 412-624-3578.

How do I pick up my Travel Card?

Once the cardholder has completed the required training, the Travel Card administrator will contact him/her with instructions on picking the Travel Card. A signed Travel Card Acceptance Agreement and a valid ID are required at the time of pickup. A designated individual may pick up the card for the cardholder; however, the designated individual must bring a memo stating that he/she is permitted to pick up the card. The designated individual will need to bring the signed Travel Card Acceptance Agreement and a valid ID in order to pick up the cardholder's card.

What should I do if a cardholder leaves the University?

The card should be collected by the business manager and destroyed. To cancel the card, please complete a Travel Card change request form. All outstanding charges should be submitted prior to the cardholder’s departure, or a delegate will need to submit the outstanding charges on the cardholder's behalf.

How should I pay for dues, professional memberships, registrations, and subscriptions?

All dues, professional memberships, registrations, and subscriptions should be made using the Travel Card. After April 3, 2017, the P-card will no longer accept these transactions.

When do Travel Card charges appear on my departmental account number?

Since the Travel Card is University billed and University paid, the charge does not go directly to your departmental account number.  You are required to complete an expense report in Concur, which reconciles Travel Card charges to the correct departmental account number. Once the expense report is approved, a departmental account number will be charged.

Should the charges on the Travel Card be tax exempt?

The University’s Federal Tax ID number is printed on the Travel Card. This is to facilitate tax exemption in states/locations in which the University is tax exempt. The University’s tax exemption certificates can be found here.