Travel Bookings

Do I have to use  Anthony Travel and Concur for online booking?

The University of Pittsburgh’s PantherExpress Travel & Expense Management Program has been implemented in order to provide competitive pricing for University travelers. Discounted rates are based on volume (the more travelers who use the system, the better the rates); therefore, University travelers booking through Concur and Anthony Travel will allow the University to negotiate the best rates with major airlines.

Are there discounts for booking flights substantially ahead of travel dates?

Yes, studies have shown that prices increase substantially within 21 days of a trip and again within 14 days. The University encourages travelers to use the PantherExpress Travel & Expense Management program to book flights well in advance in order to take advantage of the 14+-21+ day discounts.

What is a travel Request, and is it required?

Every travel booking, whether booked online or with an Anthony Travel Agent, will have a unique Request number identifier. The Request can be used to generate an expense report, automatically loading expense information such as trip purpose, travel dates, and travel allowances. There are two ways that a Request is created. Depending on selections made, the Request may be automatically approved or may require approval.

  • No approval required: Start in Travel and complete your booking. A Request will automatically be generated after travel selections are made and the user must complete and submit the Request. Option 1 (Request auto-created FROM a Travel Booking > auto-approval) must be chosen under How will you book your travel?
  • Approval required before booking travel: Start in Request and complete the request with the estimated travel costs. Option 2 (Request PRIOR to an Online Travel Booking > Requires Approval) must be chosen under How will you book your travel? The Request will then be routed to the designated approver for approval of the request to book travel. Once the Request is approved, a Book button will be displayed for the user to book travel within the approved amount threshold.

Can I contact an Anthony Travel Agent to arrange travel?

Yes, Anthony Travel Agents are onsite and available to help University employees arrange travel for themselves, other employees, and guests of the University. The travel agents will require that a Request number is generated in Concur. This will allow the agents to link to the employee’s information for booking travel, including TSA information, travel preferences, and credit card information.

To generate a Request number for travel assistance, start in Request and complete the Request with the estimated travel costs.  Option 3 (Request for an Anthony Travel Agent Assisted Booking or Other) must be chosen under How will you book your travel?

How do I book a hotel that is designated as a preferred location for a conference?

The conference organizer may have a dedicated site for you to book a hotel room. You may choose to book using the information provided by the conference. You can also check if the rate in Concur is cheaper than booking with the conference site.

How can I get frequent flier miles or points on my business travel?

You can add frequent flier or points information in the Profile Settings section of Concur. As you make your reservations, your frequent flier number or rewards information will be added to the itinerary.

Can I select my seat in Concur?

Yes, you must select your flight first, and then click the Select Seat option. The legend will show you which seats are applicable to your flight. If you need further verification that your seat selection has been confirmed, contact Anthony Travel for confirmation.

Will the system notify me if there is a change in flight schedule?

University employees can download the TripIt App at no cost. TripIt will advise you of delays, cancellations, gate changes, and carousel numbers for luggage pickup.

How do I ensure that my name matches my state/government issued photo ID?

Your name is populated into Concur directly from your University Human Resource record. Before you make your first booking, check your name in Profile Settings against your state/government issued photo ID. Make sure that your name in Concur matches your name on your state/government issued photo ID. If the two do not match, your travel could be adversely affected. In Concur, you will be able to add a middle name and suffix to match your state/government issued ID. However, if your first name and/or last name is incorrect, please contact the Payroll department to update your record.

Do I need to provide my date of birth and gender to book travel?

No, this information is being imported from the University's Human Resource system as it appears on your employee record. This information is needed in order to comply with TSA’s (Travel Security Administration) Secure Flight program. Note - this information will be required when booking for guests of the University.

How do I change my airline ticket?

After purchasing an airline ticket, if you change a reservation and it becomes necessary to reissue the original ticket for the new itinerary, a $25 fee will be charged to reissue the original ticket. You must contact Anthony Travel to have an airline ticket reissued. You cannot have an airline ticket reissued using the online booking tool.

What are unused tickets?

The term unused tickets refers to a nonrefundable ticket that is not used, usually due to a change of plans by the traveler. A credit is applied on the airline that you can use at a later date. Travel often must be completed at least one year from the original travel date, and chance fee for most airlines is at least $150. Your unused tickets booked in Concur will be visible (in Concur) and available for you to apply to your next trip.

How do I pay for my reservations?

When you reserve airfare, hotel, and car rentals, your Travel Card number is used to purchase your reservations. If you do not have a Travel Card (and if you are approved to have one), contact your responsibility center's business manager for an application.

How can I view the itinerary for flights that I have already booked?

In Concur, click Travel >  Upcoming Trips. For more detailed information, click the appropriate trip name in the Trip Name/Description column, and then click View Itinerary. If you have downloaded the Concur Mobile app,  or the TripIt app, itinerary information will be available there as well.

Is optional car rental insurance reimbursable?

No, when traveling on University business, and booking through the University’s PantherExpress Travel & Expense Management Program, insurance is included with the rental. Insurance is provided by both the University's insurance policy and the Travel Card. The traveler will not be reimbursed for optional insurance purchased from a car rental company.

What should I do if I’m involved in an automobile accident while using a University-owned or rented vehicle?

You must report the accident immediately-- follow the Office of Risk Management reporting instructions.
If you are a University employee and were injured in an automobile accident while performing your work duties, Workers' Compensation information may be found here.

If you rented the car using your Travel Card, you should also refer to the Guide of Benefits that came with your card, and you can contact MasterCard at 1-800-MC-ASSIST.

Do University-approved travel agents charge fees for their services?

Yes. Online bookings are $10.  Agent assisted bookings for domestic and international travel are $25. There are no fees charged for hotels or car rentals.

May I buy first class airfare when traveling on University business?

No, you may not purchase first class airfares for University business. However, it is possible to purchase coach/economy class fares and use your frequent flier miles to upgrade, if you choose to do so.