Concur Profile & System

How do I log into Concur?

The Concur system is available through the portal. Click the Concur portlet for access.

What if I do not have Concur on the portal or cannot login?

Contact PantherExpress Customer Service for assistance.

Is there currently a service outage in Concur?

If the system appears to be running slower than normal or you are receiving timeout error messages you can check to see if there is a service outage by going to the Concur home page, scroll to bottom of page and click on “Service Status (North America). There you will see the current service status. In the top right corner of the screen you can click “Subscribe to Updates” if you wish to receive updates when the system is experiencing issues.

Why do I need to create a profile?

Your profile controls multiple critical functions within Concur. If you book airfare, the name in your profile must match your state/government issued ID. If you would like to have another employee arrange travel and prepare expense reports on your behalf, you must assign him/her as a delegate (see instructions below). To take advantage of the mobile technology and electronic receipts, you must activate e-receipts, verify your email and setup you mobile PIN. For additional details on profile settings, please refer to the User Profile Settings Quick Start Guide.

How do I become a delegate or assign a delegate to prepare travel and expenses?

Travelers are responsible for assigning delegates to prepare travel and expenses in Concur. Go to Profile Settings > Expense Delegates in Concur to assign a delegate.

  • To assign a delegate to book travel, select Can Book Travel, Can Submit Requests, and Receives Email.
  • To assign a delegate to prepare expense reports, select Can Prepare and Receives Email.

How do I act on behalf of another user for travel, expenses, or approvals?

If you have been designated as a traveler's delegate to manage travel and expenses on the traveler's behalf, go to Profile, and select Act on Behalf of Another User. In the Search by Name or ID field, find the traveler's name and click Start Session. In the upper right portion of the screen, you will see the traveler's name highlighted in green as Acting As. You are now acting as that person, and you will be able to complete the delegate functions. For details, please see the User Profile Settings Quick Start Guide for information on how delegates are assigned.

Who can make changes to a Concur profile?

A traveler can modify his/her own profile in Concur. If the traveler has assigned a delegate, the delegate can make all changes to the traveler's profile except Request/Expense Delegate assignments and Mobile Registrations. Any assignment of delegation must be entered by the traveler. Delegates must obtain the traveler's approval when making any changes to the traveler's profile.

Which mobile apps should I download?

The following free apps are highly recommended and are available through your device’s apps store.

Concur® for Mobile makes it simple to start your expense report before you end your trip. This app complements our web-based solution by allowing you to manage anything expense-related wherever you are. It also allows you to immediately approve or reject expense reports via manager access and capture receipt images.

ExpenseIt is an enhancement to the features in Concur® for Mobile and takes it one step further with optical character recognition (OCR) for receipt imaging. Receipt images taken with this application will be categorized and populated with the receipt information, lessening the data entry for expense reconciliation. Note - keep paper receipts until expenses are reconciled to your level reports.

TripIt Pro saves you time by creating a master itinerary for your trip that you can access anytime. TripIt will keep your itinerary, reservations, meetings, and other trip information all in one place, and it makes sharing with others easy. TripIt will also send travel alerts (e.g. boarding gate information and flight delays or cancellations).

In addition to the apps above, Concur has partnered with several suppliers to provide a host of mobile apps for travel and expense management. These additional apps are located Concur's App Center.

** You will need to set a Mobile PIN by logging into the Concur Application.  Mobile Registration can be found under Profile – Profile Settings. For further instructions, please refer to the User Guide.

How do I update my default account number for a Request?

Contact PantherExpress Customer Service.