How can I delegate approvals to another employee?

Travelers can delegate approval authority to another employee either permanently or on a temporary basis. To do this, go to Profile Settings > Expense Delegates and select either Can Approve or Can Approve Temporarily, and enter the dates for temporary approval. Always check Receives Approval Emails so that the delegate will know when approvals are available.

How are approvals handled?

Every employee is assigned a default General Ledger (GL) account number and default approver. When charging in total to the default GL account number, the expense will be routed to the default approver.

When the expense report is charged in any part to a GL account number other than the default number, the system will use the Cost Object Approval (COA). COA approvers have been assigned based on entity and department combinations. If multiple entity/department combinations are charged on the expense report, then multiple approvers will receive the expense report for approval. Each approver will only be responsible for his/her assigned accounts but will be able to view the entire expense report.  The report will not go to Payment Processing for audit until all approvers have approved the report.

Can I assign another employee to review expenses before I approve them?

If you would like to have another employee review expenses in your queue for approval before you approve them, you can grant them that function without granting approval rights. To do this, go to Profile > Profile Settings > Expense Delegates. Click Add, and select the person to whom you wish to grant access. Select Can Preview For Approver and Receives Approval Emails options for that person and save.

How do I reassign an expense report for a higher level of approval?

As an approver, you can forward the expense report to another approver for final approval. If you are the designated approver, Concur's Approve and Forward buttons will be visible to you when you are reviewing the expense. Click Forward, select the approver, and submit the expense.

If you have received the expense as a Cost Object Approver, you will need to open the Approval Workflow under Details to add a user for approval. Click the Add icon, enter the approver's name, and submit the expense for approval.