COVID-19 Guidance for Travelers & Travel Arrangers

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As the University of Pittsburgh continues to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and well-being of the Pitt community and our partners is a priority.  In response to the travel guidance provided by Pitt, which can be found on the University’s Public Safety and Emergency Management website, we have put the following together to provide additional guidance and process to assist our travelers and travel arrangers:

  • All travel is currently presumed non-essential.
  • No travel should be booked for any future date at this time – there is not a date established as to when this prohibition will end.
  • Any essential travel, must be approved by the traveler’s RC head.
    • Essential travel is defined as travel absolutely necessary to fulfill your core or primary job function and/or provides crucial support to the University. Example: Research or lab work with a deadline.
    • Non-essential travel is any other travel.  Conferences, professional development and speaking engagements are not considered essential nor is anything that can be conducted at a later date.

In the event essential travel would be necessary the traveler’s Responsibility Center head should email their approval to the PantherExpress travel management office, to expedite the booking process. Arrangements should be made with the University’s contracted travel management supplier Anthony Travel and bookings should be made directly through Anthony Travel or using the Concur online booking tool.

We are all navigating this unique situation together and with everyone’s cooperation we will support the needs of our University traveler. If you have questions, please contact PantherExpress Customer Service.