Concur Approver Workflow Update

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Early this summer our PantherExpress Travel and Expense Management Team held a series of focus groups to get feedback about the University Travel Card. All groups requested that Concur Approvers to be able to edit account numbers and adjust allocations.

We are pleased to announce that, effective Thursday, 9/27, Concur approvers will be able to adjust expense allocations to assign individual expenses different accounts without rejecting the report.

If an approver changes an account number to one they are not an approver for, the workflow will be reset to the beginning and approvals will be routed accordingly. A comment is required when changing the account number that affects the workflow and routing.  The audit trail will keep a record of all changes to the allocations regardless of account security.

If the approver changes the account number to a different account number for which they also have authority, the workflow will not reset as they have the authority to approve the new account.


A traveler submits an Expense Report with allocations split between Chemistry and Biology accounts. It simultaneously routes to the Chemistry and Biology approvers. The approver for the Biology account changes the expenses to a Neuroscience account and enters a “Comment” about the change.

The workflow resets and sends parallel approval notifications to Chemistry and Neuroscience, even if Chemistry approved the report prior to the account change. The Chemistry approver can see the comment about the account number change prior to re-approval under “Comments.” Neuroscience will also receive the Expense Report to review and approve and can see comments.

The audit trail will show that the approval process started with Chemistry and Biology, that Biology adjusted the account to Neuroscience, and that the workflow routing restarted with Chemistry and Neuroscience before being complete.

It is important to note that the change will allow an approver to update only the allocations. The approver will not be able to update anything else on the expense report. This change is only effective for the Pitt General and Pitt Guest policies; no changes have been made for Athletics.

The Approving Expense Reports guide under the Quick Start Guides and the Full User Manual have been updated.

Questions should be directed to PantherExpress Customer Service by submitting an inquiry or calling 412-624-9578.