Anthony TravelAnthony Travel is our preferred Travel Management Company and works in conjunction with Concur to provide you full support for hassle-free business travel.

Anthony Travel:

  • Provides dedicated best-in-class travel assistance
  • Provides on-site agents
  • Provides 24-hour assistance including after hours, holiday, and emergency travel support
  • Is focused solely on higher education travel (general travel, group travel, athletics, etc.)
  • Demonstrates strong understanding of University requirements
  • Provides experienced integrated travel management through Concur
  • Provides access to Anthony Travel negotiated travel discounts
  • Provides a single source for all travel needs
  • Provides visa and passport services
  • Provides e-Travel Advisories

Contact Information

For travel and booking questions:

(844) 583-5963

(412) 246-9024 

For after hours or for complex questions (e.g. group or international travel):

(888) 645-4280 - provide VIT code IN2F


Athletics Travel

For athletics department travelers and athletics team travel please click here. The University does not currently offer travel services for fan or family travel.

Obtain a Request ID through Concur

Before contacting Anthony Travel, obtain a Request ID through Concur’s Request feature. For agent assisted bookings, create a Request using Option 3 for How will you travel?  Enter the trip details and submit the request. You can then contact Anthony Travel with the Request ID number with links to the traveler's Concur profile.

All trips must have a Request ID. When booking online in Concur, by starting in Travel, an auto-generated Request form will display at the end of the booking. The Request must then be submitted to complete the booking. If the request is not completed, the reservations will not be completed.

Anthony Travel Fee Structure

Overview of Fees

Agent-assisted Online Booking
Purchase Airline Ticket - Domestic $25 $10
Purchase Airline Ticket - International $25 $10
Reissue Airline Ticket - Domestic $25 N/A
Reissue Airline Ticket - International $25 N/A
Refund Airline Ticket $0 $0
Hotel and Car Reservation $0 $0

Ticket Reissue Fee

After purchasing an airline ticket, if a traveler changes a reservation and it becomes necessary to reissue the original ticket for the new itinerary, a fee will be charged to reissue the original ticket.  You must call an agent to have an airline ticket reissued.  This cannot be done in the online booking tool.

Fee Assessment and Reporting

The booking fee will be assessed at the same time that airfare is booked and will be charged on a separate line item. When processing your expense report, please use expense type booking fees. This will not require a receipt. However, you can view the charge on your itinerary.

Preferred Payment Method

The preferred method of payment to book travel is theTravel Card, which is automatically loaded into your Concur profile when the card is issued and will be labeled as Corporate Card. Anthony Travel does not have an alternative method for which you can charge your airfare, hotels, and car rentals (i.e. the University is no longer using ghost cards with back-end reconciliation to allocate charges). A credit card must be provided.